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How are the Images licensed?

All Images on free-photo.cc are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License . For a better Explanation please read the "License Information" here or the full original Text at the Creative Commons Website.

What about Model Releases / Property Releases?

Since free-photo.cc does not require Model Releases for the free Photos and Images that have identifiable people on it, there is no Guarantee that you may legaly use the Image for any purpose you want.

Also some Images might have additional Copyrights (property rights, registered trademarks or logos etc) which would require a Property Release or some kind of other License or Release. It will be your own responsibility to make sure you have all necessary rights and licenses you need to use the Image as wanted.

I have found my Image here but I want you to delete it / this Image is not CC0!

All the Images here were put online with Creative Commons CC0 License to the best of my knowledge and certain. I am collecting from many different Websites around the Internet and try to take care that each Image I download is licensed with Creative Commons CC0.

  • If you really don't like your Images shown here for some reason I will respect it and of course delete the Image as soon as possible after you let me know.
  • Also if you should find a Image that is certainly not CC0 please let me know immediately because somebody has put the Image online with CC0 License and I believed that :(

Therefore please use the Contact Form or the "Report this Image" link besides each Images detailed view.

How to use the Gallery / how can I download or view an Image?

Short answer: Just click on the Button to direct download each Image you want where this Button appears in the Galleries on an Image or at the Details Page of a free Photo above the Image.

On the detailed view pages you may either click on the image itself or on the Icon to open a zoomed version of the selected Image. When this zoomed Image is opened you will see this Icon in the lower right corner: Icon Full Expand. Click on this icon to see the image in full original size. Then hold your left mouse button to move around the image. Click on the zoomed image again to close it.

You say all the Photos here are free - why are you asking for a donation then?

You don't have to make a donation, but if you like this collection of free Photos here I would appreciate a little donation (virtual coffee) very much. This also helps me to keep the site up, having fun working on it to offer more and more.

I would like to upload my Images here - how can I do this?

Unfortunately not at this time - please send your Images via E-mail with Title, Description, Colors or tell me where I can find it on the Internet. Also please tell me if you want me to add your Website URL.

Why should I choose your site for downloading Images anyway and what's so special about your site?

  • No Membership nor Registration needed for unlimited downloads
  • No "hidden" Ads to Sponsors

Of course I do place some Google Ads since I have to pay my bills. But the Ads are visible as Advertisements so no accidently click should happen.

Special: All Images are handpicked and some of the Images here you will not find anywhere else.

May I resell the Images?

No - all the Images here are free and should stay free!

Whom should I contact or give credit when I use an Image?

According to our License: Nobody and none - all Images are licensed under Creative Commons CC0 License. So you may use all of the Images in nearly any way you want and do not have to give credit to the Author or Photographer - but you're welcome to do so. I would appreciate it if you tell your friends about free-photo.cc though.

However, if you do not mind you should provide credit whenever possible: Just add the Name and maybe even a link to the original Image or Website of the Photographer besides the Image.

There are my Images in your Gallery but I cannot find my Name there or the Name there is wrong - what can I do?

Many of the Images have no Author named. Reason for this is that many Websites just don't add the Authors name with the Image according to the CC0 License. So, if you find your own Photos here and want your Name at your Images please let me know the Number of the Image(s) which you can find in the URL or use the "Report this Image" links besides each Image. I will then add your Name as soon as possible. Also I would add your Website address if you want me to.

May I edit or modify the photos?

Yes, of course, do your photoshopping or modify the images in any other way. But do never claim the Images is yours.

May I post the Images on Facebook or other social media platforms?

Yes, post to your private Profile, use as header image or post on your commercial social media page.

How about usage in my commercial project or on my commercial website?

All photos are free for any private or commercial use as long as it is legal, so go on and let the images help you making money. The only restriction is that identifiable People, Trademarks, Brand Logos etc may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive, unless they give their consent. You should also make sure the depicted content (People, Logos, private Property, etc - especially take care when you use recognizable People, registered Trademarks or Logos etc) is suitable for your application and does not infringe any rights.

Do I need to inform you or the photographer when I use an Image?

No, no Attribution is required to free-photo.cc nor to the photographer is required but I would appreciate it when you tell your friends about free-photo.cc or even post a link on your website or social media page :) and of course naming the Author/Photographer would be very appreciated.

The other big sites offer a lot more Images than you - so why stay here?

Just have a look around - the number of free Photos here is growing every single day and all of the Images are hand-picked by me.

I have another Question

Please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact form.

License Information

All Photos on free-photo.cc are Public Domain using Creative Commons Zero / CC0 License. You may copy, modify, distribute and perform the Images, even for commercial purposes and without asking for permission. Please also read the FAQ.

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